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Perfect Zero is a visual camera system for manufacturing environments, solving everyday problems with revolutionary speed, accuracy, and simplicity.

Software Options

  • CNC Alignment Local
    • Runs locally on individually licensed computers
    • Requires Windows 10/11 with a 64-bit processor, minimum 2GB of RAM, and screen resolution of 1366 x 768 or larger
    • One-time licensing fee for any new computer
    • No-cost updates for life
    • Our proven software for offline environments
  • CNC Alignment Lite
    • Runs as a web app for internet-connected computers
    • Requires Google Chrome
    • Unlimited computers and authenticated users
    • Subscription fee
    • Seamless, zero-effort updates
    • Entry-level feature set on our robust web framework
  • CNC Alignment Advanced
    • Runs as a web app for internet-connected computers
    • Requires Google Chrome
    • Unlimited computers and authenticated users
    • Subscription fee
    • Seamless, zero-effort updates
    • Our most powerful features and technology


    • Example Perfect Zero CNC Alignment Camera Kit

Initial Setup Instructions

Access Software
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Receive Hardware
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All software options are accessed through, our web app. If you haven't signed up for an account, please follow the sign-up steps below.

    Sign Up Online to Access Software
    1. Sign up at by entering your email address and a secure password
    2. After verifying your email address, you will be prompted to enter an invite code to connect you with your purchased software. We'll send you your invite code via a welcome email.
    Use Your Perfect Zero Product

    If you purchased any of the software options that run on the web app, proceed with the buttons and on-screen instructions to use your camera and software combination. If you purchased the CNC Alignment Local software option, proceed by following the installation instructions below. Lastly, if you need help operating your Perfect Zero hardware, please refer to the operating instructions section.

CNC Alignment Local Installation Instructions

    Download Local Software
    1. Click the gear button in the top-right corner of the web app when you are signed in.
    2. Go to Download Perfect Zero Local section. Then click Perfect Zero v3.12 to proceed with the download. The zip file includes:
      • PZ local software installer
      • Software installation instructions
      • CNC aligment instructions e-booklet

    Upon downloading and installing the local software on your computer, you may be prompted for a license key. In that case, follow the next steps.

    Licensing Your Computer - Finding Your Serial Number

    We may ask for your computer's serial number in order to provide you with a license key to activate your CNC Alignment Local installation. Please use the following quick and reliable Command Prompt steps rather than any alternative means:

    1. In Windows, search for and open Command Prompt
    2. In the Command Prompt window, type:
      wmic bios get serialnumber
      and then press Enter to display your computer’s serial number
    3. Select the serial number by double-clicking anywhere on the long string of characters. Then press Ctrl-C to copy the serial number to your clipboard. Finally, paste the serial number (Ctrl-V) into an email to us.

Perfect Zero Operating Instructions

Install Camera
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Align Tools

Please refer to your Perfect Zero Operating Instructions booklet that was included with your camera kit or downloaded alongside the local software.

Demo Video

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